Blue Sapphire Jewelry Is The Most Precious

Blue sapphire jewelry throughout the international continuum has been regarded as one of the most bright, elegant and precious jewelries from the bygone ages. To be very precise the blue brilliance of the rarest of gemstones, the sapphire, has been acclaimed for thousands of years, and due to its elegance has also become a part of the legends of several countries. The chief reason behind this is that its color is considered to represent seraphic or celestial qualities. If we look into the past we will find that then also the blue sapphire jewelry was much admired due to its grandeur, significance and mesmeric attractiveness.

Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Now if you are the person who is fond of the blue sapphire jewelry never assume that you are all alone in this field. In fact there are many like you who prefer the sapphires than any other gemstone, and for that reason the sapphires, and also the blue sapphire jewelry continue to be the best selling gem in the U.S. Now it is true whenever people contemplate about sapphires, they are found to think only of blue sapphires. However, on the contrary, the reality is that natural sapphire is also available in a variety of colors. There are in fact several sapphires that are not blue and therefore are referred collectively as fancy sapphires. Of these the purple sapphires are quite prominent. They along with other colored sapphires can be found in the countries of Madagascar, Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

Blue Sapphire Flower Ring

Of late it has also become a trend to apply the process of heating to the sapphires leading to the addition of their values along with the enhancement of color and clarity. There is an estimatio that over 90-95% of the sapphires in the market today happen to be heat-treated. For this in the recent years there is a greater appreciation of purple sapphires as the stones of engagement rings, the chief reason is that sapphires are exceedingly resilient gems. It is true that the sapphires are the hardest gemstone except for diamonds. As a result if you decide on sapphires for your ring it can withstand all the elements and severities of daily wearing, and you simply don’t have to think twice. But, even though, the blue sapphire jewelry happens to be the best preference.

Sapphire Blue Butterfly and Flower Necklace

Now the blue sapphire jewelry is known to be preferred by the royals above all. The most imperative reason behind this is that the blue sapphire stone is even more rare than a diamond and is almost as hard. Through several investigations it has been found that the blue sapphires are found in a range of shades ranging from a light to deep blue. Now, it is to be remembered that the blue color is due to the presence of the level of titanium in the stone: the more titanium, the richer the color. The blue sapphires that constitute the blue sapphire jewelry are found in the specific countries of Sri Lanka, Burma, and Madagascar. On the other hand, the Burmese sapphires tend to cost more than their counterparts from Sri Lanka and Madagascar and that is due to their brilliant color. But above all the Kashmir blue sapphires are the most exceptional and expensive since the supply from India was exhausted almost a century before, leading to the escalation of price emanating from huge demand.