Costume Ruby Jewelry – It’s All About You!

Ruby! The word alone conjures up thoughts of fire, brilliance, heat and passion, whether the real thing or a dazzling lab-created stone. Costume ruby jewelry is often mistaken for the genuine by all but a trained eye. The term costume jewelry came into its own when used by the respected and prolific movie producer, Cecil B. DeMille. Ruby costume jewelry became affordable, acceptable and sought after. Imagine owning and wearing something as glittery and beautiful as the Hollywood starlets would have done. Whether you refer to your pieces as fashion jewelry, junk jewelry, fake or costume jewelry, just remember, authentic or simulated, a lady can never have too many pairs of shoes or rubies.

Ruby Chandelier Earrings

Songs have been written about her and plays have been scripted to describe this amazingly beautiful gem, but don’t be misled into thinking that Ruby is only red. As a matter of fact, ask yourself this simple question, “Just what color is red?” The prized cabochon ruby gem, as it is known once it has been cut from the original rock, is the red variety of corundum. Costume ruby jewelry should be owned by any and everyone. Many of the synthetic, imitation or lab-created rubies are difficult to distinguish from their authentic counterparts.

Ruby Stretch Bracelet

Costume ruby jewelry gives one the feeling of going back in time. It has been said that in olden times, Ruby had powers of magic. Can you imagine that Proverbs woman who was more precious than a ruby? If you are lucky enough to stay married that long, perhaps your beloved with bestow rubies upon you for your 40th wedding anniversary.

Ruby Costume Jewelry Set

People born in July will sport the desired ruby, and costume ruby jewelry is an excellent way of gifting your loved one without breaking the bank. Whether your costume ruby jewelry is from a fine jewelry store, box store, department store, TV shopping show or online you cannot go wrong in your purchase if carefully chosen for its beauty and elegance. Many designers whose names you’ll recognize include Coco Chanel, Monet, Liz Claiborne, and Kenneth Jay Lane. A newcomer to costume ruby jewelry design is Joan Rivers who has placed simulated rubies in her cameo piece. All of these designers feature affordable, yet luxurious pieces.

Fairy tales, Arabian Nights and all that is associated with these legends convey imagination of beauty, love everlasting and always jewelry. Rubies have long been well respected in the Asian cultures and were frequently found in numerous varieties of ancient armor. The precious ruby is mentioned in the so-called top or big five right along side diamonds, emeralds, pearls and sapphires so naturally any self-respecting princess or sleeping beauty would ornament herself in luscious rubies. Today’s princesses have the luxury of affordable costume ruby jewelry and many a person cannot tell the difference between “real” and simulated rubies.

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Excepting diamonds, the beautiful ruby is the hardest gemstone. Interestingly, the only major difference in rubies and sapphires according to science is the color. Basically, they both have the same “DNA”. Rubies range in color from blood red to off purple to almost pink. Those rubies in your costume jewelry that are lab-created can fool just about everyone except, perhaps a gemologist, but they will never really have an economic impact on the real McCoy. Rubies are known by many names, most of which are not actually rubies, including Adelaide, Arizona, Australian, Bohemian, Colorado, Geneva and Rocky Mountain. None of these is rubies; rather they are mostly garnets, but don’t they sound exotic and dreamy?

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Ladies, whether it’s your 15th or 40th anniversary, or you were fortunate enough to have been born in the 7th month of the year, you can and you should wear rubies. If you can’t afford the real thing, select some magnificent pieces of costume jewelry. Unless you regularly hang out with the rare gemologist, your rubies birth mother will be our little secret!