Diamond Jewelry Trends

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” says the song from “Hello Dolly.” That was written long ago, and still today Diamonds are considered to be quite trendy. The diamond jewelry trends of today are how diamonds are set within the jewelry itself. Of course most women still prefer and want a diamond engagement ring. There are other items available that sport the diamond well. The diamond never goes out of style. How the diamond is displayed determines the trend of today.

Diamond Teardrop Earrings

The fashion trend of today speaks of personality. People want the jewelry they own and wear to say, “Hey, this speaks of me.” Diamonds are no exception. When most of us think of diamonds we think of the diamonds we wear to formal occasions. That is not always the case in the fashion world of today.

Diamonds are set in many, many different type of metals, and in many types of forms. Diamonds can be inset in carbide, platinum, stainless steel, steel cable, titanium, and tungsten. The type of material used in the diamond setting speaks of the trends of today, and gives the diamond a fashion statement when worn. No matter what the jewelry trends is of personality and especially with diamonds.

Black and White Diamond Earrings

Besides different types of metals that the diamonds are set in the diamond jewelry trends in the world have some distinct characteristics. Some of the distinct designs are diamond charm bracelets, diamond key pendant and the diamond love knot.

Diamond Charm bracelets are not new, and have been around for years and years. Remember the trends of today speak of personality. With Charm bracelets you have more choices to make a statement with jewelry that emits totally your personality. When diamonds are added to the charm bracelet you are adding elegance as well. Now, when you go out on in the evening and are dressed formally, you can accessorize your wardrobe with class and individuality.

The diamond jewelry trends of today include a design that came into fashion last year. The key jewelry made the hit parade with many individuals. The key jewelry resembles an old skeleton key or very similar to a skeleton key, and is made out of many types of metals, such as; carbide, platinum, stainless steel, steel cable, titanium, and tungsten. The uniqueness comes from adding in style the diamond. The diamond separates an ordinary key pendant into a luxurious accessory. One thing that needs to be remembered is that he higher the carat the more precious the pendant.

Love knot jewelry is another trend in the fashion world of today. The love knot can look like a knot of two strands of metal. The diamond jewelry trend asks that look for love knot with diamonds set within the knot itself. One of the best things about love knot jewelry is that you can purchase these as a jewelry set. This gives you versatility when wearing these items. While some may want to sport one piece others may want to add the dangling love knot earrings as well. Also the metal that is used in the love knot also brings out your personality. The jewelry trend of today expects you to exert and wear your personality out and about.

Men’s diamond jewelry trends are not much different. The expectations for men is to have diamonds set in their cufflinks, tie clasps, bracelets, rings, necklaces or pendants. The difference between the men’s style and the women’s style is the amount of diamonds, and the type of pendant, and metal used. Men tend to want their diamonds as subtle additions to their jewelry.

Diamond Onyx Ring

Personal style is the jewelry fashion trend of today. The diamond is no exception. The key to personal style is the different type of designs and settings with the diamond. Diamond rings seem to never go out of style, but there are many types and designs to choose from that are available. The truly individual style seems to be setting the diamond in the various metals available and the different colors of metal that are available.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but the diamond jewelry trend of today goes beyond the traditional tried and true basic jewelry. These days the diamonds are being sported with key jewelry, charms, pendants, and love knots. Give yourself a gift that will last a lifetime; diamond jewelry. They are the stuff from which dreams are made.