Emerald Earrings – Best Gift for Valentine’s Day

There is indeed a great significance of emerald earrings. Now, emerald is regarded as the birthstone for the month of May and also as the anniversary gemstone for the 20th and 35th year of marriage. For this people in general, pertaining to this very month or in their ripen age of marriage do wear the emerald earrings. It is due to the fact that to some people this very stone is the source of wisdom, growth and patience. It is possibly this last trait that is cited as the best reason to explain why a gift of emerald for an anniversary or any occasion, say for instance, the Valentine’s Day is regarded as an emblem of love and in addition, faithfulness.

Emerald Threader Earrings

Now it may happen that you are looking for an ideal jewelry gift and are therefore searching about the various options, which to select and also the one to discard. The situation for you is much more critical since it is going to be your impending Valentine gift. Of course, there are different types of jewelry of which women are highly fond of and for that you shall have to find out which will suit her or which she will like to get as gift.

Oval Emerald Trim Earrings

In fact within jewelry there are different types of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and charms. In this regard you may ask any proficient person but you may not get the right answer. Along with this within the jewelry there is the presence of different types of metals and for that it would be quite difficult for you to find the best out of them.

Besides it may happen that your beloved like many others is always fond of getting the best that will suit to her wardrobe and with other jewelries. In that case the best for you will be to present her emerald earrings. The greatest reason behind the presentation of emerald earrings is that its shine like green lightning shall without any doubt fill her with the same wonder as the various civilizations before the emergence of the modern civilization used to have.

Emerald Cluster Earrings

If you do not believe the magical power of the emerald earrings it will be better for you to know that in the Inca civilization there was a lot of veneration of the emeralds. It was in the 1500’s the invasion of the Spanish Conquistadors created the disaster when they stole their gemstones and despoiled their mines. For that reason till now a great treasure of many of the world’s most magnificent emeralds lie at the bottom of the sea inside shipwrecked Spanish galleons.

White Gold Emerald Earrings

On the other hand as far as the Valentine’s Day gift is concerned the emerald earrings would certainly be the finest gifts, since they are considered as most meaningful and symbolic gesture  of the heavenly love that unites a couple. Along with this you should know that emerald earrings are deemed as the emblem of bond in weddings and for that this could certainly be the best way to start your relationship with your partner. For this it is necessary for you to get hold of the various designs of the emerald earrings that are available in the market, but be aware that they should be durable and fit exactly to the wearer’s finger. Lastly, since the size of the fingers differs from one person to other, there are in fact thousand of rings that are of different shapes and sizes. For this you can gift the best emerald earrings of your own choice, representing your love.


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    I love emerald earrings and was looking for a nice pair that I could wear with anything. I noticed that the high quality ones were usually quite expensive, and the affordable ones were fairly low quality. As I started shopping online I noticed that you can find a lot of great quality gemstone jewelry and still stay within your price range…