Enjoy Antique Tibetan Jewelry for Yourself or Give as a Gift

In general, jewelry makes a thoughtful and special gift or personal purchase. Other than decoration or a specific style statement, some people associate deep religious or spiritual beliefs with their jewelry. Just as some people use their rosaries as functional, spiritual items, others use antique Tibetan jewelry in a similar manner. Jewelry doesn’t have to be antique to be special or useful but knowing that a piece has a history and has been passed down carefully or has at least found its way to you now has merit for many people. Jewelry can be worn every day in some cases or it might just be worn for special ceremonies and events like meditation or an organized, group spiritual function.

Handcrafted Tibetan Jewelry

Do some research before you purchase the first antique Tibetan jewelry you find available. You want some reassurance that the piece you are purchasing is indeed authentic and that it will arrive to you in a timely manner. If the piece you are planning to purchase is very expensive, you definitely want to make sure the seller is reputable and that you agree to whatever the return, cleaning, and exchange policies are.

Tibetan Turquoise Necklace

You can search for venues that sell this type of jewelry online or find it in various specialty shops, especially those with a spiritual product base. Many times, you will find handmade jewelry items at flea markets and farmer’s markets throughout the year or at various festivals.

When you buy antique Tibetan jewelry, ask the seller if there is any particular cleaning regime that you should practice so the jewelry stays in great conditions for future generations. Many times, this type of jewelry involves the use of a red thread that is used to string beads together. You may have to replace that thread and some point. You should play close attention to the thread on necklaces and bracelets of this sort so you don’t take the chance that the thread will break and you lose beads.

Antique Style Tibetan Jewelry

When you are not wearing your antique Tibetan jewelry, you can display it attractively in your home in a specific jewelry cabinet or on a table or draped from various items. You should consider carefully where you want to store your jewelry so it is not in a place that attracts a cat or small child to pull it down. You may consider keeping your jewelry in a velvet or lined jewelry box or safe for additional protection and safe keeping.

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