Large Hoop Earrings for Every Style

Whether you are dressing for work or going out on the town, nothing completes an outfit quite like jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings can put the finishing touch on an outfit that really makes it stand out. In particular, large hoop earrings can add style and class to an otherwise plain outfit. Hoop earrings are versatile and come in a wide range of styles. Therefore, no matter what your personal tastes are, you will be able to find a pair that complements your wardrobe and preferences. Here are just a few different ways you can use hoop earrings to express yourself.

Extra Large Hoop Earrings

Large hoop earrings are big which makes them very bold. Their size makes it impossible for them to be hidden by your hair if you have long tresses. They also come in a variety of metals, such as gold and silver, and can be simple or elaborately decorated with jewels and beads. If you are on your way to work, then you may want to keep things simple especially if you are employed in an office with a conservative atmosphere.

White Gold Large Hoop Earrings

Thin plain hoop earrings in a gold or silver color will add a feminine flair to a business suit without drawing unwanted attention.

For those that work in places with a more liberal atmosphere or are otherwise going to be in a casual place, then you can afford to wear something more fanciful. There are large hoop earrings that have colorful wooden beads on them which would look great with a bohemian outfit.

Black and White Diamond Hoop Earrings

Other earrings have charms on them, such as crosses or coins, for people who want their jewelry to make the state rather than their clothing. Some manufacturers also make the hoop earrings using intricate metalworking techniques that turn the piece of jewelry into a work of art.

Large Hoop Earrings

If you are going out on the town or somewhere that requires a little more class, then looking into jewel encrusted large hoop earrings. Most of the ones on the market are made with diamonds but you can find other that incorporate jewels such as sapphires, rubies, and amethysts. These types of earring are great paired with a matching necklace and can turn an otherwise dull black dress into something classy. If you don’t have the money for real diamonds, then don’t be afraid to look into Cubic Zirconia or even crystals. You’ll still get the flash without spending a lot of cash.


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  1. Luis Burnett
    Posted June 16, 2012 at 12:18 am |

    Some women look gorgeous on hoop earrings since they know how to balance there attire and jewelry get up. While some just don’t know how to fix themselves were in they are not a good smart dresser.