Men’s Fashion Earrings

Men in recent years in western cultures have begun to sport earrings in their ears. This is not something new when looking at the human expanse over time – men pierced their ears often in warrior cultures in primitive times to show their bravery or as a part of their culture. Men in medieval times did it as a reflection of their culture as well, and sometimes of their status as a fighter or of nobility. Men in modern times, do it too, probably for these ancestral reasons. Some do it for fashion.

Men may sport multiple ear piercings, or just one. Most earrings for men are much smaller than that of the types found on women. Most men prefer smaller studs to medium sized studs in their ear, or a tiny hoop. On occasion, men will wear larger earrings; it is really a matter of personal preference. Therefore, a new trend in jewelry emerged to cater to the ear piercing of men –  earrings specifically for them, in addition to unisex styles that look good on either men or women.

Men’s earrings typically are solid metal studs or studs featuring tiny gemstones. Diamonds, be they faux, cubic zirconium, or the real thing, are one of the most common styles for men to wear. They can be dainty and small in size, to very large attention getters. Simple metal studs are another option. Small hoops made from some form of metal tend to me a third option. There are also men who prefer a small gemstone that is their birthstone. These are all fairly conservative looks.

Mens Fashion Earrings

Then there are men that prefer a slightly edgier look. These men tend to wear piercing hoops, spikes, or plugs. Piercing hoops are usually a ball or two balls on the end of a piece of curved titanium or stainless steel. Some hoops are closed while others are not. Balls on these types of earrings can be simple metal, characters or symbols, or spiky and made of a variety of materials, metal or otherwise. Typically these kinds of earrings can be found from a tattoo shop or piercing venue, a novelty store, or a boutique in addition to ordering them from the internet.

Spikes and plugs are found from similar retailers. Spikes can be curved but most are straight; they can be made from metal, plastic, or another material. Some feature rubber rings to hold them in place while others do not. Plugs, often called buttons because of their resemblance to a button, come in many gauges [sizes]. One size does not fit all; the gauge of the jewelry tells the size. The smaller the number, the larger the earring. To wear a smaller numbered, larger sized earring one must go through the process of stretching their ears, which is time consuming and sometimes painful. Plugs can be hollow or solid and come in a variety of materials, colors, styles and sizes.

Prices for men’s fashion earrings depend on what they are made of, and how large they are in most cases.