Onyx Jewelry is Mysterious and Dark

Jewelry is a part of our lives and many people love jewelry. This is because jewelry allows people to express their personality, individuality, and creativity. There are many types of jewelry so that jewelry is something that is very appropriate for both work and play. What type of jewelry people like could be a direct correlation to the type of personality that they have and there other likes and dislikes. If you like purple then, you might like amethyst jewelry and if you like blue and the sea then, you might enjoy aquamarine jewelry or pearl jewelry. In addition, if you like black then, you might enjoy onyx jewelry.

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Jewelry is a part of our lives and many people love jewelry. This is due to the fact that by wearing some type of jewelry such as earrings or rings allows the wearer of the jewelry to express his or her personality, individuality, and creativity. Jewelry can be both beautiful and whimsical and it can also be mysterious and dark. Therefore, it seems that people who wear jewelry sometimes or on a regular basis often wear jewelry that matches how wish to be perceived.

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In other words, if people wish tom show off their playful side then, they might wear an amethyst butterfly and if they wanted to illustrate an air of royalty then, they might desire wearing a pair of amethyst earrings or a beautiful amethyst ring. However, if people wished to illustrate their dark and mysterious side then, they might fancy a piece of onyx jewelry or too. Let’s look deeper into onyx and onyx jewelry.

What is dark, black, and mysterious that almost every jewelry lover would find pleasure wearing? The answer to that fashion accessory question is onyx. Did you know that some people see onyx as a bit of black magic? Did you also know that in both fashion and jewelry colors look brighter and crispier against a black background? This statement makes quite a bit of sense because the combination of black and white is simply exquisite.

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Plus, people can never go wrong if they dress from head to toe in black and white, including their jewelry ensemble. Wearing black and white clothing and black a white jewelry could be seen as a kind of status symbol that all people could relate to on a day to day basis whether black and white was worn in the workplace or on the beach during a play day.

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Did you also know that in fine jewelry its black background was often supplied by onyx which is chalcedony quartz with a fine texture? Some onyx even has white bands or white ribbons in it and if the layers of this white ribbon of onyx are even it can be and often is used in the creation and in the design of cameo. This statement seems to make sense if the white face of a cameo is actually white onyx against a pink background. This seems to also suggest cameos are a part of onyx jewelry.

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Therefore, onyx jewelry also equates to romantic and mysterious jewelry. Did you know that onyx is often used in art deco jewelry pieces? In addition, onyx is often added to marcasite jewelry too. Onyx is a gemstone that is dark, alluring , and mysterious.

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Therefore, it is strongly recommended that if people in general, and jewelry lovers in particular wish to add a bit of mystery and black magic to their jewelry wardrobe then, they should buy a piece or two of onyx jewelry.