Onyx Jewelry is Mysterious and Dark

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Jewelry is a part of our lives and many people love jewelry. This is because jewelry allows people to express their personality, individuality, and creativity. There are many types of jewelry so that jewelry is something that is very appropriate for both work and play. What type of jewelry people like could be a direct correlation to the type of personality that they have and there other likes and dislikes. If you like purple then, you might like amethyst jewelry and if you like blue and the sea then, you might enjoy aquamarine jewelry or pearl jewelry. In addition, if you like black then, you might enjoy onyx jewelry.

White Gold Onyx Earrings

Jewelry is a part of our lives and many people love jewelry. This is due to the fact that by wearing some type of jewelry such as earrings or rings allows the wearer of the jewelry to express his or her personality, individuality, and creativity. Jewelry can be both beautiful and whimsical and it can also be mysterious and dark. Therefore, it seems that people who wear jewelry sometimes or on a regular basis often wear jewelry that matches how wish to be perceived.

Onyx Mens Ring

In other words, if people wish tom show off their playful side then, they might wear an amethyst butterfly and if they wanted to illustrate an air of royalty then, they might desire wearing a pair of amethyst earrings or a beautiful amethyst ring. However, if people wished to illustrate their dark and mysterious side then, they might fancy a piece of onyx jewelry or too. Let’s look deeper into onyx and onyx jewelry.

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Emerald Earrings – Best Gift for Valentine’s Day


There is indeed a great significance of emerald earrings. Now, emerald is regarded as the birthstone for the month of May and also as the anniversary gemstone for the 20th and 35th year of marriage. For this people in general, pertaining to this very month or in their ripen age of marriage do wear the emerald earrings. It is due to the fact that to some people this very stone is the source of wisdom, growth and patience. It is possibly this last trait that is cited as the best reason to explain why a gift of emerald for an anniversary or any occasion, say for instance, the Valentine’s Day is regarded as an emblem of love and in addition, faithfulness.

Emerald Threader Earrings

Now it may happen that you are looking for an ideal jewelry gift and are therefore searching about the various options, which to select and also the one to discard. The situation for you is much more critical since it is going to be your impending Valentine gift. Of course, there are different types of jewelry of which women are highly fond of and for that you shall have to find out which will suit her or which she will like to get as gift.

Oval Emerald Trim Earrings

In fact within jewelry there are different types of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and charms. In this regard you may ask any proficient person but you may not get the right answer. Along with this within the jewelry there is the presence of different types of metals and for that it would be quite difficult for you to find the best out of them.

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Sterling Silver Rings

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Sterling silver rings are the hot favorites with today’s fashion conscious generation. These rings are extremely versatile in the sense that they go well with almost any dress. This is one of the reasons why many celebrities have taken a liking to these rings and don’t miss an occasion to flaunt them. These rings which look almost exactly like white gold rings are comparatively very inexpensive and make for great fashion accessories. You can shop around for sterling silver rings at most of the leading jewelry stores near you or you can also find them being sold widely at most of the online jewelry stores these days.

Sterling Silver Rings

From Hollywood celebrities to the man on the street, sterling silver rings seem to be the favorite with everybody. Sterling silver as such is made up of 92.5 percent of pure silver, while the copper content is 7.5 percent. One can find the hallmark “.925” in rings that are made up of genuine sterling silver for this reason. Sterling silver rings have created a niche for themselves these days and are giving gold, platinum and even diamond rings a run for their money.

Enamel Silver Ring

When taken proper care off, these rings are known to last for a lifetime. The warm finish of a sterling ring is what attracts people towards it. The finish is such that almost anyone can mistake it for white gold. Although the appearance is similar, it would cost only a fraction of what a ring made up of white gold would cost you. The reasonable price is another reason why an increasing number of people are getting drawn towards silver rings these days.

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Costume Ruby Jewelry – It’s All About You!

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Ruby! The word alone conjures up thoughts of fire, brilliance, heat and passion, whether the real thing or a dazzling lab-created stone. Costume ruby jewelry is often mistaken for the genuine by all but a trained eye. The term costume jewelry came into its own when used by the respected and prolific movie producer, Cecil B. DeMille. Ruby costume jewelry became affordable, acceptable and sought after. Imagine owning and wearing something as glittery and beautiful as the Hollywood starlets would have done. Whether you refer to your pieces as fashion jewelry, junk jewelry, fake or costume jewelry, just remember, authentic or simulated, a lady can never have too many pairs of shoes or rubies.

Ruby Chandelier Earrings

Songs have been written about her and plays have been scripted to describe this amazingly beautiful gem, but don’t be misled into thinking that Ruby is only red. As a matter of fact, ask yourself this simple question, “Just what color is red?” The prized cabochon ruby gem, as it is known once it has been cut from the original rock, is the red variety of corundum. Costume ruby jewelry should be owned by any and everyone. Many of the synthetic, imitation or lab-created rubies are difficult to distinguish from their authentic counterparts.

Ruby Stretch Bracelet

Costume ruby jewelry gives one the feeling of going back in time. It has been said that in olden times, Ruby had powers of magic. Can you imagine that Proverbs woman who was more precious than a ruby? If you are lucky enough to stay married that long, perhaps your beloved with bestow rubies upon you for your 40th wedding anniversary.

Ruby Costume Jewelry Set

People born in July will sport the desired ruby, and costume ruby jewelry is an excellent way of gifting your loved one without breaking the bank. Whether your costume ruby jewelry is from a fine jewelry store, box store, department store, TV shopping show or online you cannot go wrong in your purchase if carefully chosen for its beauty and elegance. Many designers whose names you’ll recognize include Coco Chanel, Monet, Liz Claiborne, and Kenneth Jay Lane. A newcomer to costume ruby jewelry design is Joan Rivers who has placed simulated rubies in her cameo piece. All of these designers feature affordable, yet luxurious pieces.

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Diamond Earrings – A Notion Of Brilliant Luster

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Are you in love and want to gift your fiancée? There are in fact several ways to show your love, however, that depends upon your budget. But if you want to gift a valuable item as a memento of your love diamond earrings are a present that says more than words ever could. Though this is not a new concept and has been prominent with the affluent male lovers down the ages.

Diamond Teardrop Earrings

The chief reason is that the diamond earrings have been around for nearly as long as there have been women and men to wear them. In style, radiance and magnetism they are found to surpass others and so have been able to sustain their dominant position.

Black and White Diamond Earrings

In the modern age it is much more common for women to wear earrings of any type, but if we give a look on history the same has not always been the case. There is no doubt that people of both genders worn ear rings in different cultures, but the greatest preference had always been the diamond earrings. Though the further back you go in history, the more likely it was that men would wear earrings. But with the change of time, pursuit and several other aspects the situation has changes to a great extent. In this day and age, the earrings whether they are diamond earrings or others, happen to be more common with women. Though there is the presence of ear rings of other metals, mainly of gold, and few others, it is to be noted that the diamond earrings have a special place in the heart of most females. They are used in the best sense as fashion accessories and many women feel somehow incomplete if their jewelry box does not contain a variety of earrings that are appropriate for different occasions.

White Gold Diamond Earrings

Now, to judge its appeal and relevance among the women several studies have been conducted. What has been found from the studies is that the diamond earrings are by far the most classic and formal. They present an image of sophistication and style, and they can be matched to a wide variety of outfits from formal evening attire, to more casual jeans or even a business suit! Can you say the basic reason behind this? It is nothing except the position of the diamond jewels. Diamonds happens to be the most venerated jewels in the world, and are renowned for their dazzling light and luster.

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Tsavorite And Jade Jewelry – Strong Contender Now

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Tsavorite & Jade jewelry in the recent years has come up as a strong contender in the sphere of people’s preference in the international arena. In this regard it should be kept in mind that the Tsavorite happens to be among the most desirable members of the garnet family and has been used for generations. We adore this type of jewelry because it offers the color and shade of an emerald and yet, it’s rarer, and much more vibrant.

Tsavorite Earrings

Tsavorite & Jade jewelry in the recent years has come up as a strong contender in the sphere of people’s preference in the international arena. In this regard it should be kept in mind that the Tsavorite happens to be among the most desirable members of the garnet family and has been used for generations. We adore this type of jewelry because it offers the color and shade of an emerald and yet, it’s rarer, and much more vibrant. The name of tsavoret comes from the Tsavo National Park in Kenya, which is the only region where Tsavorite Garnet is mined. Tsavorite has a beautiful vivid green color, is bright and lively with a high refractive index, and has a garnet’s durability and high clarity. Even though tsavorite & jade jewelry is scarce, the lack of demand keeps the prices well below that of the more plentiful Emerald.

Green Jade Earrings

The gemstones which are regarded as the most precious wonders of the nature, are regarded as the pride of the owner, if he or she happens to possess it. Truly speaking from time immemorial the emperors, kings, nobles, and various other members of the then affluent society to the generations of the modern days, all have been found to express strong and strange fascination to the gem stones, for their sheer beauty and radiance.

Red Jade Greek Style Ring

The tsavorite & jade jewelry happens to be one of the most prominent among them. There is no doubt that the tsavorite & jade jewelry in spite of a lack of demand has always been in fashion and still now does appear in a spectacular array of colors and designs to suit all tastes and needs. To several quarters they are regarded as the truly majestic diamond or even the elegant emerald that is sure to capture your heart. It should be remembered that in every age the tsavorite & jade jewelry has been perceived to beautify the women in large numbers, and have also been found to adorn them on special occasions.

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Discount Emerald Jewelry expresses Purity of Love


There is a great significance of the engagement ring in anyone’s life. The basic imperativeness lies in the fact that the engagement ring happens to be a ring that shall be used by the concerned individual for the rest of her life. There are also instances when people do place the engagement rings as next to their wedding rings. This on the other hand means that its style should reflect the same idea as of the wedding ring.

White Gold Diamond and Emerald Earrings

Now if you are also looking for your engagement ring you should be cautious of this very combination. Nevertheless, at the same time be aware that the prices of stones and also rings have risen excessively, for which it will be wise for you to go for the other affordable rings like the discount emerald jewelry. Well, there was indeed a time when people used to opt for the diamond as the most desired stone for engagement ring, but the inconceivable price nowadays has changed the situation abruptly. For this it is not uncommon to perceive discount emerald jewelry as the emblem of new age and they do also symbolize strength and the concept of lifetime existence.

14K White Gold Diamond and Emerald Ring

For this at the very commencement be aware of the fact that the engagement rings are in general associated with a large sum of money. For this more and more people are going for the affordable ones like the discount gemstone jewelry. But at the same time it should be taken into consideration that the selection of a discounted engagement ring, even which is of good quality is a rather difficult task. For which you must be aware from the beginning to the end, since on several occasions the issue of the engagement ring cost puts a constraint on a happy occasion and spoils the entire celebration. For this if you are hell-bent to search for an ideal engagement ring and that also within a specified budget you shall have to invest a hard labor. But never loose hope since there is a solution for you. In fact, there are also people like you who do search in the same manner for an ideal engagement ring and within a fixed budget.

14K Gold Oval Emerald Necklace

What has been found is that most of their preferences go for the discount emerald jewelry, which to them happen to be an ideal concept. Now you may want to know the basic reasons behind this. When one gets engaged in the searching for an engagement ring, the first thing that is considered is the price. If the concerned individual is on a tight budget or wants to be within a specified one, there is simply no need to strain his/her finance by the purchase of an expensive diamond and platinum ring. The same thing can also be done by you by selecting the discount emerald jewelry. If you do select the discount emerald jewelry there is nothing to worry since this exclusive discount engagement ring is as impressive and dainty as the expensive engagement rings.

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Orange Sapphire Jewelry – A New Trend


Orange sapphire jewelry has grown in popularity over the past several years. This is not a new stone and though there has been a surge in lab-created jewelry, this is not a lab created stone. Orange sapphires, along with sapphires of many other colors, exist naturally in nature. Orange sapphire jewelry has grown in popularity among people who are looking for something ‘different’ yet striking to wear or give as a gift and has become a popular favorite in modern jewelry.

Orange Sapphire Lizard Charm

Orange sapphire jewelry is not something new, nor are they necessarily man made stones, though some orange sapphires are. Sapphires are traditionally thought to be a blue stone but this is incorrect. Sapphires come in many different colors due to natural variations that can occur during the formation of the stone itself. It is possible to have saveral different colors of sapphire besides blue, and it is posible to have several different shades of blue sapphires at that. Sometimes, it is even possible to have a multicolored or bicolored sapphire that has various colors or inconsistent coloring through it. Sapphires are one of the brightest stones, and provide functionality to jewelry makers.

So, for orange sapphire jewelry to be possible, where do orange sapphires come from? Orange sapphires are a rare variety of sapphire, and it is metallic oxides that mix with the base material of aluminum oxide to form a colored stone. Aluminum oxide is colorless until it mixes with metallic oxides. These metallic oxides allow for blue, yellow, pink, red, orange, black, brown, green, mauve, or violet sapphires. Orange sapphires tend to be almost as hard in composition as diamonds, and this can help determine their desirability and price when made into orange sapphire jewelry.

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Quartz Jewelry – The Gemstone for Many a Needs


Quartz crystals are part of the jewelry collection of the affluent and the mass for ages. The stones are found in tones of yellow, purple, gray, brown green, peach and blue. Quartz jewelry is believed to possess mystical and healing powers. It is supposed to relieve one of aches and pains and spread love and peace. Quartz jewelry has been coveted for its rare sparkle and sheen. Many use it portent future, others used it to enrich the crystal ware and many for enhancing their spiritual powers, but whatever the need, Quartz is used for varied purposes and enriches the lives of the owners of the gemstone.

Rose Quartz Flower Pendant

The flawless beauty of the rock crystal has made it a component of many a coveted pieces of jewelry. Quartz jewelry has been worn by women for centuries to suffice the aesthetic and spiritual needs. Quartz jewelry has decorated many beautiful women through the ages, irrespective of their strata in the society. The gemstones brilliant look and spiritual attributes has inspired jewelry aficionados all over the world to add it to their treasure. Quartz has been used for wording the premonitions of crystal gazers in the past and for expensive crystal ware. Quartz is found in many varieties and forms. Amethyst, Citrine, Onyx, Rose Quartz, etc. are a few of the popular variants of Quartz.

Smoky Quartz Ring

Each variant of the gemstone is known to enrich the life of the pride possessor. Pink Quartz Jewelry is preferred by many women. The translucent pink shade of the gemstone is attractive and is believed to spread positive vibrations into the surroundings.

Lemon Quartz Earrings

It is believed that it diffuses comfort, calm, tranquility, peace, joy, compassion, love, understanding, warmth into the human relationships. Quartz Jewelry is supposed to pervade the feeling of unconditional love, kindness, gratitude and forgiveness among the people in the household.

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The Special Features Of Amethyst Jewelry


The wonderful Amethyst gemstone is the birthstone for February, but that of course does not limit the people who choose to wear this sparkling gem. This wonderful stone attracts people of every birth month. Amethyst jewelry is extremely popular and this wonderful gemstone looks so beautiful set in metal; particularly into silver, platinum or white gold, as its purple color compliments them. Amethyst jewelry has been crafted into wonderful pieces since at least the time of the ancient Greeks and it is no wonder why! Learn more about the history and features of amethyst jewelry that make it so special.

Amethyst Ring

The amethyst stone is certainly very popular with jewelry lovers all over the world. It is a type of quartz and thankfully there is no shortage, at least no so far, of this sparkling gem. That is the main reason why amethyst jewelry does not need to be very expensive; the gem can be found in abundance in many mines all over the globe and this makes amethyst jewelry affordable and popular.

Dangle Amethyst Earrings

Long ago, the ancient Greek civilization believed that amethyst jewelry would keep away the negative effects of alcohol and this may have arisen because of the color of the stone: a wine color. The color of amethyst jewelry is what makes the gem so striking; the color of purple is very vivid and looks stunning when set in jewelry. Many choose to wear amethyst jewelry that is made of silver, platinum or white gold, as the color of the amethyst compliments those metals so wonderfully. Amethyst jewelry is not one particular certain color of purple as the gem does vary in its color; however the amethyst will most definitely be a shade of purple; if not, it is not an amethyst!

Gemstone Dangle Earrings

Amethyst jewelry will be different in different part of the world. This is because the amethyst gem will vary depending on the location that it is mined. Certain mines will determine which shade of purple the amethyst is. In fact, the amethyst is so loyal to its original location that experts can look at an amethyst jewelry piece and know exactly which mine the stone came from. Aside from looking at the color of the amethyst jewelry, they will also pay attention to the shape of the stone and its particular features.

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