The Amazing Aspects Of Citrine Jewelry


Although the National Association of Jewelers created a standard list of the twelve birthstones that would represent each month of the year, not all countries follow that list and it is for that reason that the month of Novermber has three different known stones. The citrine being one of them. Learn about why citrine jewely is very popular and what makes the stone of the citrine jewelry so special to its wearers. The History and features of this gem are found to be quite interesting to all jewely lovers. Travel from ancient times when the citrine was thought to ward away snake’s venom to modern times of wonderfully crafted citrine jewelry.

Citrine Earrings

Citrine jewelry is not made easily. The gemstone of citrine ranges in color; it can be a very light yellow or it can be a brown color. There are not many yellow gemstones in the world and if one finds one, you can be sure it most likely will be expensive! The feature about Citrine jewelry is that its gem is very rarely found in nature. When citrine is mined, it almost always has high levels of iron in it. It is for that reason, that what some may think is natural citrine jewelry is actually amethyst that is heated to look like the color that we believe citrine jewelry should be.

Citrine Ring

If one wants to find natural citrine, they must travel to the mines of Brazil. It is in this country that one may find citrine without the high levels of iron. Long ago, citrine jewelry was made from the gem when it was found in Spain, France and Hungary. There was a rise in the demand of citrine jewelry in Europe during the 1930’s when enormous quantities of citrine was shipped in large boats overseas from Brazil and Uruguay. At the time, it was the only real known gem that was yellow. Citrine jewelry was very popular as men’s cuff links and as rings.

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Tourmaline Jewelry Can Deflect Negativity

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Tourmaline jewelry belongs to a large family of gemstones where there is the availability of more than a hundred shades. Where does the name come from? The name, as has been learnt, has derived from the Sinhalese Turmali, which denoted to a combination of gemstones, as there happens to be a singular kind of propensity in confusing tourmaline with other color gems.

Pink Tourmaline Necklace

It should be kept in consideration, that the tourmaline jewelry had its origin from Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, but was introduced to the domain of Europe by the Dutch traders in the late 1600’s or early 1700’s. From the outset the gem has been believed to promote continued good health, and this has made it a favorite jewelry stone of many.

Green Tourmaline Dangle Earrings

It is to be noted that right from the beginning the tourmaline jewelry has been attributed the ability to build valuable friendships and business contracts, to enhance knowledge and intuition and also to make a notable contribution in the creation of harmony and social reputation. Now is this all? Or are there other features that have made the jewelry an interesting one? What about the outward show?

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Opal Jewelry – Queen of Gems


Opal Jewelry is considered rare and exotic as it enhances any wardrobe with its ethnic and vintage look. Opal Jewelry is stylish and classy. The value of the Opals is determined by the richness of its color and texture. Opals are available in a mélange of colors and are known for its luster. Opals are valuable and Opal Jewelry is available in various patterns and styles that suit the requirement of the ones who are interested to possess a precious piece of Jewelry. Opal’s association with the supernatural powers also has made it one of the most enigmatic gemstones in the planet.

Opal Pendant

The Immortal Bard of English Drama, Shakespeare, named it the “Queen of Gems” and that is the magic of Opal. Opal is one of the precious gemstones that enthralls the beholder with it ethereal color and texture. Earlier, many considered Opal to be a gemstone that housed supernatural and peculiar powers. Now, Opal Jewelry is a style statement. Opal is the lucky stone for those born in the month of October and it also makes a great present on any occasion.

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Gemstone Rings – Precious and Charming


Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, amethyst, etc, all these gemstones have charmed generations with their brilliance and dazzle. There are birthstones for every month of the year and gemstone jewelry enriches the looks of the owner and also is a great accessory for any dress, be it casual or formal. Gemstones are also supposed to possess mystical and healing powers. Gemstone rings are popular for their variety and beauty. Gemstone rings are stylish and they also enhance the positive vibes in the lives of the possessor. Each gemstone possesses a distinct spiritual power and it is transferred to the one who uses the gemstone jewelry. Gemstones are precious, classy and good for the emotional and physical wellbeing of human.

Amethyst & Citrine Ring

Fine gemstone jewelry is famous for its luster and sparkle and the obsession with gemstones has been existent for ages and still exists. Gemstones are not only beautiful but they also possess various mystical powers. Each stone has a unique power associated with it. Gemstone rings can be worn with any ensemble and it gives a demure and rich look. People normally select their birthstones for the gemstones ring. The clarity, opulence and brilliance of gemstones have enthralled onlookers for centuries. Gemstone jewelry has become a rage in modern days among those who believe in its powers and those who are bewitched by its elegance.

Gemstone rings enliven the spirits of the owner and make them stand out in a crowd. Dazzling gemstone rings make the possessor dazzle as well. Gemstones set in gold or platinum or other materials and loose gemstones take the breath away of the beholder with their radiance. Gemstones set is 10k, 14k, and 18k are widely popular. Gemstone rings embedded in yellow gold and white gold has become fashionable. Gemstone rings are available in sterling silver.

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Birthstone Pendants Call for Celebration

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Everybody has a birthday and most people enjoy celebrating their birthdays. Most people ought to enjoy their birthdays because there is cake, ice cream, and fabulous cuisine at birthday parties such as Italian or Mexican cuisine. In addition, to ice cream, cake, and yummy cuisine there are usually some great gifts at birthday parties. Clothing and other fashion accessories such as jewelry especially birthstone pendants make excellent birthday gifts. In fact, birthstone pendants call for celebration all year long. These beautiful items of jewelry come in a rainbow of delicious and delightful colors for everyone to ogle over.

May Birthstone Charm

Everybody has a birthday every year. This is a birthday is a celebration of the day of a person’s birth or at least it should be a celebration of a person’s birth. However, some people don’t like to celebrate their birthday because some people don’t like getting older. However, wine is better when it is aged; therefore it seems like people ought to be happy to celebrate getting older because getting older means getting better and wiser for the most part. In addition, most people ought to enjoy celebrating their birthday because there is usually chocolate cake, some flavor of ice cream preferably an ice cream flavor in the chocolate family, and cool cuisine such as Italian cuisine or Mexican cuisine. In addition to cake, ice cream, and yummy cuisine there are usually some fabulous presents at birthday parties. Sometimes jewelry is a gift at birthday celebrations and jewelry and clothes do make fabulous gifts for anybody who likes clothing and fashion. However, it seems like once a person gets some jewelry pieces for their birthday especially birthstone pendants, birthstone earrings, and birthstone rings he or she will become a jewelry lover for the rest of their lives.

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Tanzanite Jewelry – Dash of Royal Colors


Tanzanite indicates the place of its origin, Tanzania. Tanzanite jewelry is preferred by women for the royal look that it possesses. The blue hues with tinge of purple and violet endows it with a regal touch that is undeniable. Found in dark brown color in its raw state on the ground, the stones become brilliant blue when heated. Tanzanite jewelry can only be used occasionally, but when used they turn anybody into the cynosure of all eyes. Adorning tanzanite also provides positive vibrations in a person and it augments the individuality of a person immensely. It also discards the negativity in a person.

White Gold Tanzanite & Diamond Ring

Discovered in East Africa in the 1960’s, Tanzanite is a variety if the mineral ziosite. The velvety blue color mesmerized the beholders and tanzanite jewelry became a rage among people. It is associated to blue color but it is often found in hues of gold and brown. Tanzanite is found in rich purple colors as well. The only repository of these precious stones is the Merelani hills of Tanzania, hence the name Tanzanite. The discovery of this precious stone revolutionized the econom of Tanzania.

Pearl & Tanzanite Drop Earrings

The enchanting colors of the Tanzanite jewelry make it the exquisite jewelry that enhances the classic look of any trendy ensemble. The color if the tanzanite stone is attributed to the stone being trichoric- it shows a variety of colors when seen from a variety of angles. From one direction it seems to be purple in color, in another blue and in from some other directions it seems like bronze color. Tanzanite jewelry became one of the most desired jewelry in the world from the time the Masai herders of the Merelani hills picked up the blue crystals that were heated by the lightning, according to a legend that is popular in Tanzania.
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