Quartz Jewelry – The Gemstone for Many a Needs

Quartz crystals are part of the jewelry collection of the affluent and the mass for ages. The stones are found in tones of yellow, purple, gray, brown green, peach and blue. Quartz jewelry is believed to possess mystical and healing powers. It is supposed to relieve one of aches and pains and spread love and peace. Quartz jewelry has been coveted for its rare sparkle and sheen. Many use it portent future, others used it to enrich the crystal ware and many for enhancing their spiritual powers, but whatever the need, Quartz is used for varied purposes and enriches the lives of the owners of the gemstone.

Rose Quartz Flower Pendant

The flawless beauty of the rock crystal has made it a component of many a coveted pieces of jewelry. Quartz jewelry has been worn by women for centuries to suffice the aesthetic and spiritual needs. Quartz jewelry has decorated many beautiful women through the ages, irrespective of their strata in the society. The gemstones brilliant look and spiritual attributes has inspired jewelry aficionados all over the world to add it to their treasure. Quartz has been used for wording the premonitions of crystal gazers in the past and for expensive crystal ware. Quartz is found in many varieties and forms. Amethyst, Citrine, Onyx, Rose Quartz, etc. are a few of the popular variants of Quartz.

Smoky Quartz Ring

Each variant of the gemstone is known to enrich the life of the pride possessor. Pink Quartz Jewelry is preferred by many women. The translucent pink shade of the gemstone is attractive and is believed to spread positive vibrations into the surroundings.

Lemon Quartz Earrings

It is believed that it diffuses comfort, calm, tranquility, peace, joy, compassion, love, understanding, warmth into the human relationships. Quartz Jewelry is supposed to pervade the feeling of unconditional love, kindness, gratitude and forgiveness among the people in the household.

Quartz Jewelry made of Smoky Quartz is believed to boost the self-esteem, creativity, perception and joy of the owner. Blue Quartz jewelry is worn to de stress oneself and also to alleviate frustrations. Anti-aging properties are best seen in Rutilated Quartz. Every type of Quartz is said to possess mystical qualities that enriches the owner’s life and bolsters his spiritual progress. It also helps the owner to maintain peace and mitigate frustrations in his life, according to popular belief.

Lemon Quartz Pendant

In many cultures like the Western, Medieval European, Celtic and Chinese cultures, Quartz is believed to be used as a tool, to interact with the spirits and predict the future happenings. Quartz worn in any form is believed to be an aid to fuse and adjust the psyche of a person with the cosmos. Quartz has piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. It is used in the making of computer chips. Popular beliefs assert the fact that adorning one’s self with Quartz jewelry can augment one’s psychic capabilities.

Lemon Quartz Trimmed Earrings

Japanese went a step further in believing that Quartz stands for the breath of the most revered White dragons, which are considered to be the creators. It is also used by the Chinese extensively to decorate the religious temple entrances. Quartz jewelry can be gifted to the loved ones can match any outfit that is trendy and snazzy or classy and ethnic. Quartz necklaces, rings, bracelets add to the beauty of any jewelry collection. Its sheer sparkle and delicate shine can render a rare sheen to any collection of dress. Quartz jewelry has been a fashionable one for centuries owing to its spiritual properties and its impressive looks.


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