The Special Features Of Amethyst Jewelry

The wonderful Amethyst gemstone is the birthstone for February, but that of course does not limit the people who choose to wear this sparkling gem. This wonderful stone attracts people of every birth month. Amethyst jewelry is extremely popular and this wonderful gemstone looks so beautiful set in metal; particularly into silver, platinum or white gold, as its purple color compliments them. Amethyst jewelry has been crafted into wonderful pieces since at least the time of the ancient Greeks and it is no wonder why! Learn more about the history and features of amethyst jewelry that make it so special.

Amethyst Ring

The amethyst stone is certainly very popular with jewelry lovers all over the world. It is a type of quartz and thankfully there is no shortage, at least no so far, of this sparkling gem. That is the main reason why amethyst jewelry does not need to be very expensive; the gem can be found in abundance in many mines all over the globe and this makes amethyst jewelry affordable and popular.

Dangle Amethyst Earrings

Long ago, the ancient Greek civilization believed that amethyst jewelry would keep away the negative effects of alcohol and this may have arisen because of the color of the stone: a wine color. The color of amethyst jewelry is what makes the gem so striking; the color of purple is very vivid and looks stunning when set in jewelry. Many choose to wear amethyst jewelry that is made of silver, platinum or white gold, as the color of the amethyst compliments those metals so wonderfully. Amethyst jewelry is not one particular certain color of purple as the gem does vary in its color; however the amethyst will most definitely be a shade of purple; if not, it is not an amethyst!

Gemstone Dangle Earrings

Amethyst jewelry will be different in different part of the world. This is because the amethyst gem will vary depending on the location that it is mined. Certain mines will determine which shade of purple the amethyst is. In fact, the amethyst is so loyal to its original location that experts can look at an amethyst jewelry piece and know exactly which mine the stone came from. Aside from looking at the color of the amethyst jewelry, they will also pay attention to the shape of the stone and its particular features.

Looking to mine amethyst? Or are you wondering where your piece of amethyst jewelry came from? The amethyst can be found in many countries, including but not limited to Vera Cruz Mexico where the stone will be a very pale purple, Guerrero Mexico where the amethyst will be a very dark purple, Brazil where the gem will be found inside volcanic holes and the stones are a medium purple, Canada where the amethyst may have a red tint and is found in ancient rock formations, Africa where the amethyst is large but not generally beautiful enough to make amethyst jewelry and in the United States where it can be found along the east coast including the state of Maine, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

White Gold Amethyst & Diamond Ring

The most popular cut of the amethyst jewelry is a round cut, as it shows off the color best. Lucky for all of us, amethyst jewelry continues to be spectacularly beautiful and not overly expensive so that we can all enjoy this wonderful gem.



  1. Vanessa
    Posted June 6, 2008 at 12:39 am |

    Amethyst has a moderate, transparent violet color. The name came from the stone amethyst, a form of quartz. Did you know the color of natural amethyst varies from purple to yellow…

  2. Gbeads
    Posted September 13, 2008 at 1:45 am |

    It’s cool bead among all precious beads. The purple amethyst is attractive and the products of this bead are amazing.

  3. Erica
    Posted October 5, 2008 at 1:52 pm |

    Where did that first flower amethyst engagement ring come from? I can’t take my eyes off of it and would love to know more about it.

  4. Chris Camacho
    Posted December 18, 2008 at 7:45 pm |

    I would like to know the location or store that i could find such a beautiful ring.