Tibetan Buddhist Jewelry has a Variety of Decorative Uses

Tibetan Buddhist jewelry is popular with men and women of all ages and worn as both a decorative item and a spiritual marking of Buddhist beliefs. Jewelry can range from a variety of styles, colors, and construction material but typically will involve beads. One of the most common pieces of this kind of jewelry is a long beaded necklace or bracelets. These items are made out of wood that is painted with Tibetan Buddhist symbols or can be plain. They often have beads strung on a red thread in keeping with Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Necklaces and bracelets are worn around the neck, wrists, ankles and elsewhere depending on the preference of the wearer. This jewelry can have a decorative and functional impact when used on things.

Silver Adjustable Tiger Eye Buddha Rings

Tibetan Buddhist jewelry can be strewn and draped on the body in multiple bead strands for a unique and interesting look. Jewelry can be used for other displays and functions depending on the creativity and needs of the user. Sometimes those who believe strongly in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition would not use their jewelry for anything but a specific effort to compliment their spiritual tradition but everyone has the freedom to use the beads and other jewelry as they see fit.

Warrior Mala Necklace

One way to use Tibetan Buddhist jewelry in a creative way is to use it in place of rope. Generally, you would not want to tie something that requires a very sturdy hold or knot but the right necklace strand could work. One example of using the jewelry this way is to tie around a present or package to give as a gift. It`s also a decorative and unique use to drape beads on car review mirrors, bathroom mirrors, and even doorways, chandeliers and window drapes. Creative users can form a pattern with the jewelry on a table as a unique and spiritual centerpiece.

Dharma Wheel Pendant

Tibetan Buddhist jewelry can be purchased online, in retails stores and various specialty shops for a wide variety of prices. You can also make these items for yourself or for friends. It might make and interesting meditation ritual to spend time slowly creating your unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. This is the type of jewelry that you could pass on to a friend or loved one who would appreciate the offering as well as your belief in the Buddhist tradition and practices or simply as a decorative item. Your recipient may be interested to learn more about the Buddhist tradition after receiving such a special gift from you.