Trendy Beaded Jewelry – Classic and Contemporary Looks

Although a number of trends come and go over the years, beaded jewelry is something that is here to stay, and endures no matter what the other trends might be doing. Because it is so versatile, beaded jewelry can be incorporated into a wide range of different styles and looks, both formal and casual. Using beaded jewelry to show your own individuality is also easy when you find the right type. While some people prefer to wear large, chunky beads, for example, others will revel in the delicate styles that are the perfect complement to the rest of an outfit.

Trendy Beaded Jewelry

For formal wear, you could find trendy beaded jewelry that is on the more elegant side. Round glass beads in delicate shades go well with a formal little black dress or a nice business suit. The key for this kind of look is to find beaded jewelry that is not too flashy, but that still stands out as a nice piece on its own. A vintage beaded necklace goes with just about anything, and can give even the plainest outfit an air of sophistication.

On the other hand, you could incorporate trendy beaded jewelry into a more casual outfit as well. If you are just wearing jeans and a plain white t-shirt, you could throw on a chunky beaded necklace in an eye-catching pattern, instantly upgrading your outfit to something a tad bit more exciting. A nice bracelet can have the same effect. Choose beads that will help show off your personal style, even if you prefer to dress simply in everyday life. The right accessories will let you shine, without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Classic Beaded Jewelry

Making your own jewelry is a trend in itself, which has blossomed in the past few years. All you need to make your own trendy beaded jewelry at home are the right tools, such as a wire cutter and a pair of pliers. Bead shops are filled to the brim with exciting shapes, sizes, and colors of beads that can be combined in any number of fascinating patterns. To start your creative juices flowing, you could take a look at craft magazines, fashion magazines, or simply take note of the types of styles that you like when you look at what celebrities or your friends are wearing. With those ideas in mind, you should be able to recreate the looks from the comfort of your own home, and give them your own personal flair.