TummyToys Gemstone Body Jewelry

Do you want to adorn your naval with fun and color? Tummy toys are the answer to having a great style. Tummy toys are a snap-closed system for body jewelry. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The can be Silver, rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Palladium, and Platinum. They are one piece clasp that hooks through your piercing, without having those hard to handle balls. The tummy toys are comfortable to wear everyday even when playing sports. The body jewelry posts slides through piercing closing securely.

Pink Jeweled Tummytoys

Tummy Toys ® is a one-piece snap lock clasp which makes it easy and fun to change your body jewelry. They are secure and easy to change especially when choosing to add swinger charms. Swinger charms simply slide over the classic clasp belly ring. Designer Melissa Tyler a graduate gemologist who had many friends who wore belly jewelry, and who complained about their uncomfortable body jewelry developed the Tummy toys jewelry.

Tummy Toys was born through many sketches which finally turned into a remarkable simple solution. The clasp is simple which eliminates the hurt and hassle of traditional body jewelry. The styles and designs are many from martini glasses to elegant precious and semi-precious stones.

Tummy toys are specifically made for the belly button piercings. All others are cheap imitations. Thus you need to be aware that the Tummy Toys ® are original and all other are just earrings with heavier posts. Insist on Tummy toys for the best comfort of adornment. The Designer Melissa Tyler even had her belly button pierced and she now only uses Tummy Toys.

Gemstone Tummytoys

The different metals and the different designs make this body jewelry one to have. The swingers are accessories to the tummy toys. These swingers can add color, and spice to reflect your personality or your feelings at the time. Swingers come in different shapes and sizes as well as color choices. There’s a swinger out there for anyone; from elegant to Goth, and even biker chicks. Swingers are a way of changing your style for any mood without added cost of buying another new piece with clasp.

Men can also benefit from Tummy Toys. Women are not the only people who have their navels pierced. Sometimes men do as well. They want to show off their physique and style with a naval piercing. Tummy Toys are for them too; especially if they are involved in role playing through domination. This adds spice to many relationships. There are many varieties of swingers available to fit any manly mood.

Tummy Toys seem to be a very good way to have many options for your style. Whatever your mood, and whatever you want to emit there is a swinger for you to add to your Tummy Toys. Think of the smile that comes to your mind with the word toys. All of life and how we perceive life is in our minds. The word toys suggest play and fun. Wear a Tummy Toy ® today, and experience the fun in life.

Tummy Toys ® are available mostly online, but there are stores out there that have them available for you to look at and feel before buying. Remember if you want to save money and change your style to reflect your mood then Tummy Toys ® is the next best thing in jewelry. Swing your hips and swing around your swinger, and enjoy life today.



  1. Jeffrey
    Posted June 4, 2012 at 5:27 am |

    Nice stunning jewelry.The stones are looking beautiful nice naval ring.

  2. Posted June 27, 2012 at 7:45 am |

    They look elegant and classy which fits for those special occasions that you would attend. And perhaps you can also be idealistic and be practical about what you will use during those times.